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    The midges - a scottish phenomenon

    Midges are small two-winged insects with wings of about 0.7mm
    each. The breath and its always containing alcoholics and carbon     dioxide draw them magically to you (also your temperature makes     them greedy). Once a midge used her saw on you she calls the
    other girls to tea-time (only the female bite).
    They in uncountable numbers and bite into your skin. just like a
    swiss officers knifethey turn their swissors inside out and slurp you     empty(hi). As a small gift for the host they leave some poison for     their better digestion. Three months a year the midges attack the
    Scots nerves ( June-October ).
    They are the real "Scottish Natives".
    The Scots have their own measures against those food-
    accessoires (never eat spaghetti in front of your tent in the

    1. Ask St.Patrick for more than 18°C, or an early winter.

    2. If this doesn´t work call St.Patrick again for a bit of wind
(ca 10 km/h)

    3. It is told they don´t like light (so always leave the sun on top)

    4. Wear a hat with a curtain ( I think it´s only for tourists)

    5. in the case that all these things don´t work go to the next shop

        buy a special-anti-midge-repellent and be happy           
        about the spontaneous
reaction of those little insects :






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