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    About 3000 Years ago at the Shaolin-Abbey monk Dalma founded
    the Martial Arts Style Shaolin Kung-Fu. His aim was to help the
    monks reaching harmony between body and soul and reinforcing
    their self-control. Aims that are equal to those of buddhism.

Kung Fu combines two forces: the inner (psychical)
and  the outer (physical) power. To bring these two forces into accord is reached by intensive training.

Nowadays about 125 kinds of technique have been derived from original Shaolin Kung Fu and special movements are often
immitated from animals e.g. monkeys, eagle, panther etc.






    For about ten years Bjoern trained this fascinating sport and passed
    some exams in fighting techniques.


         the snake          


the tiger               


  the monkey         


the panther


  the eagle      



the crane                        


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the Martial-Arts school
I visited many years


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